Enterprise Linux at JMU

Since Dec. 2004 thru today, JMU owns a campus Site License (faculty/staff/student) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with
maintenance with annual renewal. This site license is for the sole purpose of supplying Linux as an educational tool
to colleges and their departments at JMU. There is no need to obtain any other Linux distributions nor incur additional
purchases, as this JMU site license blankets all Linux needs on campus, and is immediately accessible to you.

For basic questions on

  • Obtaining a Red Hat Satellite account ID and PW for obtaining product ISO images
  • Downloading your product distribution ISO (CD and DVD) images
  • Choosing and installing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux product per JMU standards which includes a how-to
    configure your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system to obtain updates from the JMU RHS Satellite Server
    and LDAP authentication.
  • Obtaining a Red Hat Satellite account ID and PW to participate in updates
  • Registering your product in order to obtain updates
  • Updating your product with latest changes, bugfixes and security enhancments
  • Sending questions or feedback to Red Hat customer support about your product via the Red Hat Satellite
  • Reporting a product bug to Bugzilla
  • General questions about implementing Red Hat Enterprise Linux in your college or department (classroom, labs)
    you may post a message to the JMU Linux Project List (jmu-linuxproject-l@listserv.jmu.edu) and a
    member of the list will reply to your JMU e-mail address with the appropriate response. Current members
    include faculty and staff from CS, ISAT, Math, Physics, Geology, and Technical Services.

  • JMU General Support Guidlines:
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux support is currently self-help internal to individual departments and via the listserv.
    You may also contact Red Hat Customer Service (customerservice@RedHat.com) or phone 1-888-REDHAT-1.

    The JMU Computing HelpDesk does not provide support for Linux computers (please see
    http://www.jmu.edu/computing/helpdesk/ for a listing of Software Supported). You should not replace your
    Windows or Macintosh computers with Linux except strictly in lab and classroom environments for educational
    purposes under the leadership of department heads.

  • Additional Red Hat support and training
    Red Hat Knowledgebase is a library of tips, troubleshooting advice, and current information updated daily by
    Red Hat technicians. FIND ANSWERS: http://kbase.redhat.com

    Red Hat Academy Information:

    Red Hat Education Solutions:

    Training available from Red Hat:

  • RUNSAFE Guidelines
    Please review the JMU safe computing resources which include additional information specific to
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Linux mailing list resources.