Math 336 Elementary Differential Equations (Fall 2015)

Class Content and Policy

Syllabus and Class Policy

Review Calculus I and Calculus II

Calculus I Basics Calculus I

Integration Basics and Sequences and Series of Numbers Integration. Sequences and Series

Power Series Basics Taylor series


First order ODEs summary First Order ODEs Methods

Numerical methods summary Chapter 9 summary

Types of ODEs that we dealt with this semester ODEs Summary


Midterm exam on Thursday October 15 Midterm Exam

Final exam on Thursday December 17 Final Exam

Written Assignments

Written assignment 1 (Problems due on Thursday September 17) Assignment 1 on first order ODEs and applications

Written assignment 2 (Problems due on Thursday October 22) Assignment 2 on Numerical methods for first order ODEs

Written assignment 3 (Problems due on Thursday November 5) Assignment 3 on mechanical systems and vibrations

Written assignment 4 (Problems due on Thursday November 12) Assignment 4 on power series methods

Written assignment 5 (Problems due on Thursday December 10) Assignment 5 on linear and nonlinear systems

Written assignment 6 (One of the problems is on the final) Assignment 6 on ODE theory


Webwork assignment 1 Webwork 1

Webwork assignment 2 Webwork 2

Webwork assignment 3 Webwork 3

Webwork assignment 4 Webwork 4

Webwork assignment 5 Webwork 5



Higher order constant coefficient linear ODEs

Application- Spring mass systems- Oscillations, damped oscillations, transient solution, resonance and practical resonance

Power series methods