Syllabus for Math 108, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Spring 2005

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Arnold
Phone: 568-6532
Office: Burruss 116
Office Hours: M, W 2:30-3:30pm, F 11:15am-12:15pm and by appointment

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a continuation of Math 107 and will
cover fundamental topics in mathematics that elementary and middle
school teachers should know.  Topics will include multiplication,
division, number theory, basic geometry and measurement. There
will be group projects and explorations, homework assigned every
week, and quizzes each week.

TEXT: Fundamental Mathematics for Elementary
 and Middle School Teachers,
by Betsy Darken.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is mandatory.

GRADING: The grading breakdown is as follows:

GROUP WORK:  Group work, also called cooperative learning, is an important and effective learning strategy.  You are encouraged to work together in class and out of class. {\em However}, when turning in projects or homework, you  must write up the work yourself.  If you turn in work that is not your own, you must have the author's name on it as well.  Not crediting the work correctly is a violation of the honor code.

MAKE-UP POLICY: In general, make ups for quizzes
will not be given.  If possible, students should inform the instructor before an exam is missed. A make up exam will only be given for approved excuses.  If you cannot notify the instructor before the exam period, you must contact  the instructor within 48 hours, or you forfeit your right to a make-up.

 HONOR CODE: Copying work done by others, either in-class or out of class, is an act of scholastic dishonesty and will be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by University policy.  Giving assistance to others on quizzes or exams is also an act of scholastic dishonesty.

108 Spring 2005 tentative outline

Week 1    January 10-14:
       Practice Basic Skills test, 5.1-5.3

Week 2    January 17-21:
       Monday January 17 - No Class, MLK Holiday
       Wednesday January 19 - 5.3, 5.4
        Friday January 21  Basic Skills Test

Week 3    January 24-28
       5.5, 5.6

Week 4    January 31-February 4:
       6.1, 6.2

Week 5    February 7-11:
       6.3, 6.4

Week 6    February 14-18:
       6.5, 6.6

Week 7   February 21-25:
       Monday February 21 - Review
       Wednesday February 23 MIDTERM EXAM I  Chapters 5, 6
        Friday February 25 - 7.1, no quiz

Week 8    February 28-March 4:
                  7.1, 7.2

Week 9    March 7-11:
                  SPRING BREAK!

Week 10  March 14-18:

Week 11 March 21-25:
                10.2, 10.3

Week 12 March 28-April 1:
                10.4, 10.5

Week 13 April 4-8:
                Monday, April 4 - Review
                Wednesday April 6 - MIDTERM EXAM II, Chapters 7, 10
                 Friday April 8 - 11.1, no quiz

Week 14 April 11-15:
                11.2, 11.3


Week 15 April 18-22:
                11.4, 11.5

           Week 16 April 25-29:
                           11.6, 11.7

            Week 17 Monday May 2 - Review
                            Monday May 4 - FINAL EXAM
                                 12:20 Class at 8am Room: Burr 032,
                                 1:25  Class at 10:30am Room: Burr 133