The Planets


It's the largest and most massive of the planets in the solar system

What is Jupiter?


In 2006 the Cassini spacecraft found yet another ring around this planet

What is Saturn?


The Greeks called this planet Ares

What is Mars?


This planet, the third largest in our solar system, was discovered by William Herschel in 1781

What is Uranus?

Musical Instruments


In addition to 88 keys, one of these has about 230 strings

What is a piano?


This largest brass instrument is also the one with the lowest pitch

What is the tuba?


Types of these used in a drum set include crash and splash

What are cymbals?


Instead of valves like a trumpet, this brass instrument has a slide with 7 positions

What is a trombone?



These are the world's gourmet jelly beans.

What are Jelly Bellies?


These chocolate candies 'melt in your mouth not in your hand'

What are M & M's


These German candies come in many flavors and shapes now, but these were the original

What are Gummy Bears?


These candies are a 'rainbow of fruit flavor'

What are Skittles?



Mixing Red and Blue gives you this color.

What is purple?


One of Ireland's nicknames includes this green hue

What is emerald?


This neutral color can refer to the Confederate Army

What is gray?


The name of this deep red also means "of prime importance"

What is cardinal?



This answer will be provided exactly this many times on this quiz.

What is one?


The first day of the week in most cultures.

What is Sunday?


1.21 gigawatts is the amount of power required to power this time machine

What is the DeLorean from Back to the Future?


The number of hours in a day.

What is 24?

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