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Pack 72 Webelos Den 2 at Grace Covenant Church , Harrisonburg, Virginia

Pack 72 at Grace Covenant Church was formed in 1989. The pack currently has one Wolf den, one first-year Webelos den, and one second-year Webelos den. The pack is chartered through the Stonewall Jackson Area Council, headquartered in Waynesboro, Virginia.

The first-year Webelos Den for this year has eight boys and one slightly crazed leader. We hope to have a great time this year and eventually get the boys to achieve the Webelos badge. Next year we plan to help the boys complete their Arrow of Light badge and join Troop 72.

What is Cub Scouting?

According to the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouting is "A family- and home-centered program for boys in the second through fifth grade (or 8, 9, and 10 years old). Cub Scouting's emphasis is on quality program at the local level, where the most boys and families are involved. Fourth- and fifth-grade (or 10-year-old) boys are called Webelos Scouts (WE'll BE LOyal Scouts) and participate in more advanced activities that begin to prepare them to become Boy Scouts."


Our mission is to deliver to the boys and their families in the Harrisonburg, VA area the Cub Scout Program developed by the Boy Scouts of America. We will do our best to deliver the highest quality program possible.


We will offer a high quality program to the boys in the Webelos Den at Grace Covenant Church.. The boys will advance in rank to the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light badge.. We will encourage our boys to continue the fun, adventure and development of Scouting by graduating into a Boy Scout Troop. We hope each of our Scouts will continue to advance in the Scouting program, not because of the badge of rank they will earn but because of what they will learn about themselves, their families, others, God and their country.


The primary values we seek to instill are contained in the Cub Scout Promise--to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the law of the pack. Our Scouts, families, adult leaders and volunteers work together to teach these values by:

Acknowledgment: This Web site is not entirely of our own doing. It was modeled after CUB SCOUT PACK 101 in Naperville, Illinois USA. The values section above is from their site. We also copied many of their links to useful sites.

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