Practice problems

Foundation | Taxes | Financial ratios | Time value of money | Valuation | Risk and return | Capital budgeting | Capital structure

Financial information
Using Financial Accounting Information
Accounting Review Crossword Puzzle

5-minute work outs: Tax-rate schedules | Taxes: Sale of assets
Practice Problems in Taxation
Net operating loss problems

Financial ratios
Financial Ratio Problems
Note: A Financial Ratio Formulas sheet is available

Time value of money
Time Value of Money Practice Problems
More Time Value of Money Practice Problems
5-minute work-outs:
  Future and present values | Annuities | Uneven cash flows
  EAR vs. APR | Interpreting problems
Annuity Practice Problems
Time Value of Money Practice Test
Loan Amortization: Example and Explanation
Deferred Annuity Problem: Example and Explanation
Note:Calculator assistance and Time Value of Money tables are available.

Valuation and yields
Valuation problems and Solutions
Valuation quiz (non-credit)
Two-stage dividend growth practice Problems
5-minute workouts: Bond valuation | Bond yields
Bond valuation practice problems
Bond yield practice problems

Risk and return
Risk and return practice problems, with Solutions
More risk and return practice problems
Risk measurement problems
Risk-return problem
Risk and return crossword puzzle

Capital budgeting
Capital budgeting cash flow practice problems
Goofy Gadget Gooferizer Project, with solutions
B. B. Dome Project
Rockafellar Music Company
5-minute Work-out -- Capital budgeting techniques
Capital budgeting techniques practice Problems
Capital Budgeting Practice Test
Capital budgeting practice problems and Solutions

Capital structure and cost of capital
Capital structure practice problems and Solutions
Cost of capital practice problems and Solutions
Capital structure and cost of capital crossword puzzle