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Dr. Steven P. Frysinger, Director



The Collaboration for Environment, Health & Safety (CEHS) was created to acknowledge and facilitate the many industrial environment, health and safety (EHS) management endeavors with which JMU faculty, staff, and students have been involved. CEHS is not an administrative unit; rather, it serves as a conduit to the faculty involved and/or interested in EHS functions and projects. It is hoped that this presence will allow us to better serve our industrial and organizational community while providing practical experience for students and faculty. While CEHS is administratively located in the College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE), its function is university wide.

Please contact Steve Frysinger (frysinsp@jmu.edu) to express interest or request more information.

Upcoming Event: Visiting Scholar

CEHS is honored to host Visiting Scholar Prof. Dr. Bernd Delakowitz, from JMU's partner university HTW Zittau/Goerlitz in eastern Germany. On April 17th, 2019 he will offer two presentations based on his long and dedicated research.

1. From 2-3 pm he will present "Resource and Energy Efficiency in Production - The Circular Economy Approach: Motivation and Best Practice Examples", describing the European Union's approach so waste elimination, legally backed by Directive 2008/98/EC, which sets the basic concepts and definitions related to waste management, such as definitions of waste, recycling, and recovery.

2. From 4-5 pm he will present "Energy Transition: Are Low Carbon Economies Possible and may this Relieve Global Warming?" This presentation will focus on the increasing energy demand arising from growing economies and population and its implication on the global climate caused by growing GHG emissions. The presentation addresses both lecturers and students in the field of energy supply and management as well as participants who are interested in this specific topic. Participants are invited to discuss of how to ensure a safe and base-load energy supply and at the same time avoid emission of GHG. They are invited to express their opinions and to try to think about potential solutions in this most important and pressing field.

These presentations will take place in JMU's ISAT/CS building room 259. Prof. Delakowitz will also be available during that week to meet with interested community members and faculty, and to participate in classes and seminars upon request.

Bernd Delakowitz holds a diploma and a Ph.D. in geosciences/geochemistry of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. He is an environmental expert with more than 30 years of professional expertise and is a full professor for environmental management, environmental law and life cycle assessment (LCA). From 2000 until 2015 he was Dean of Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Goerlitz, and he is the representative for the university´s Environmental Management System. He also is director of the Institute for Ecology and Environmental Protection (IÖU) at the Univ Appl Sci Zittau/Goerlitz and Centre-Director, Germany, of the Sweden based Higher Education network “The Baltic University Program (BUP)”. Prof Delakowitz is a guest lecturer of various universities all over the world.

CEHS Activities

EH&S Audits

JMU faculty supervise and assist students in the execution of internal audits of local businesses and employers, evaluating their compliance with applicable environmental and occupational health and safety regulations. These projects provide students with extremely valuable experience, while providing the audited organization with important information about their operation. This is especially valuable for small businesses which cannot afford to hire EHS consultants for this purpose. For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger.

EH&S Information Systems

JMU faculty and students offer full-service information systems engineering for environment, health and safety applications, ranging from needs assessment, prototyping and requirements analysis through development, deployment and maintenance. Applications include World Wide Web pages, database systems, geographic information systems, multimedia educational software, modeling, simulation, and environmental decision support systems. For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger.


JMU faculty offer training and certification in hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER), making both 40-hour and 24-hour certification, as well as 8-hour refreshers, available to students and community members in accordance with OSHA regulations. For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger or Dr. Ron Raab.

Industrial Audiology

JMU faculty and students assist with the development and implementation of all aspects of a hearing conservation program, including conducting noise monitoring, audiometric evaluations, and training of employees in our state of the art facility or on site. For more information, contact Dr. Ayasakanta Rout.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

JMU faculty supervise and assist students in conducting gap analyses and developing implementation plans for ISO 14001 environmental management systems. For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger.

Visiting Scholars

From time to time CEHS hosts visiting scholars on campus to make presentations, lead seminars, guest lecture in classes, and meet with interested faculty, students, and CEHS partners.  For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger.

CEHS Faculty and Staff

Dr. Steve Frysinger (Director)

Environmental management, industrial ecology, environmental information systems, HAZWOPER training.

            Dr. Ron Raab
                        Biohazards, weapons of mass destruction, HAZWOPER training.

CEHS Partners

Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) South Atlantic States Section (SASS)

CEHS is an active collaborator with AWMA's regional SASS. We have hosted one regional AWMA conference and several workshops, and we participate in activities of the SASS board. For more information, contact Dr. Steve Frysinger.

Blue Ridge Safety Association

The CEHS has formed a partnership with the Blue Ridge Safety Association (BRSA) to cooperate and collaborate in offering training, workshops, and conferences. For more information, contact Katelyn Haupt.

Center for Clinical Toxicology

The CEHS collaborates with the Center for Clinical Toxicology and the Blue Ridge Poison Center on such projects as physician education regarding environmental health and safety issues, undergraduate education regarding human health effects of poisoning, workshops, service projects and research. For more information, contact Dr. Mark Kirk.nursing training and workshops.

Center for Innovation in Health and Human Services

The CEHS collaborates with the Center for Innovation in Health and Human Services (CIHHS) on such projects as occupational health nursing training and workshops.

Coors Brewing Company Shenandoah Brewery

Staff from the Coors plant in Elkton, Virginia, have hosted many student tours and class projects. They have also both assisted with and had employees trained by the JMU HAZWOPER certification program, and are helping JMU host an Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) conference on campus. For more information contact Todd Dyer or Brent Berry.

Emergency Prep, LLC

Emergency Prep staff have hosted student tours, sponsored student class and thesis projects, and served as guest lecturers in JMU classes. For more information, contact Brad Neher.

General Electric Intelligent Platforms

Staff from the GE Intelligent Platforms facility in Charlottesville, Virginia, receive training and continuing education at JMU, and JMU students complete practical EH&S projects for GE in a cooperative work-study relationship. For more information contact Cindy Estes.

Hershey Chocolate of Virginia

CEHS collaborates with Hershey Chocolate of Stuart's Draft, Virginia, where JMU students complete practical EH&S projects through senior thesis research and experiential course projects. Hershey's staff also participate in on-campus course activies. For more information contact Kim Shimko.

JMU Environmental Management Club (AWMA)

The Environmental Management Club, the JMU is an award-winning student chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA), and collaborates with the CEHS in such activities as hosting speakers and conferences.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The CEHS has formed a partnership with the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), an organization mandated by Federal law to coordinate emergency planning under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA). The Harrisonburg/Rockingham LEPC has its headquarters at JMU, and may be contacted as follows:


MSC 4102

800 S. Main Street

Harrisonburg, VA 22807



For more information, contact Paul Helmuth.

Merck & Co., Inc (Stonewall Plant)

JMU students have participated in a wide variety of industrial hygiene and environmental management projects and internships with the Merck Stonewall Plant in Elkton, Virginia. In addition, Merck personnel have received HAZWOPER refresher training through JMU continuing education courses. Merck personnel have also been regular guest lecturers in JMU classes and participants in student presentations. For more information, contact Barbara Wunder.

Tenneco Automotive Walker Manufacturing

JMU students have participated in many EH&S projects and internships with the Tenneco Automotive Walker Manufactuing Plant in Harrisonburg, Virginia. JMU faculty and students have also assisted Walker with audiometric testing as part of their hearing conservation program. For more information, contact Kevin Arnold.

          Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
DEQ staff have collaborated for many years with JMU, including participating in educational simulations in industrial environmental management, sponsoring student thesis projects, and offering practical internships to students. For more information, contact Amy Owens, Director of the DEQ Valley Regional Office.

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