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Hello and welcome. On this page I'll put things that may be of use to you in our Strategic Management classes. The main thing that you will come for is the write ups in the table below.

Link to my official JMU webpage.



Fall 2019 Syllabus

IMPORTANT! If you subscribed and do not receive your WSJ the number to call is: 1-800-975-8602.

As stated in the syllabus, you need a WSJ for our classes. The link for Directions on how to access your JMU electronic subscription.

If you want a paper copy, the rate for the semester is heavily discounted, please use the WSJ LINK to access it.

The link to the Fall 2019 Harvard Coursepack if you need it it.

487opoly Box

Rules for 487opoly

SCORE SHEET for 487opoly.

Elementary raw data about the Monopoly game

Peer Evaluation Sheet

Spring 2009 487opoly Tournament Standings

Write Ups - Please Read for Class


Mission & Goals & Ethics

External Analysis

Internal Analysis

Business Level Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Alliances are included in M&A & Global

International or Global

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Structure Leadership & Control and Simple Model of Management

Some additional items:

I have bowed to the social media gods and have a twitter account. Don't worry I don't flood it, usually just good WSJ articles that relate to class.

Ok, sorry to brag, but I got to give the commencement address at the 2010 CoB graduation ceremony. The speech was pretty well regarded, so I figured I'd post it. NOTE: This is a big file, it seems to work better if you save it to your local machine first!

MIT Syllabus Strategic Management.

Warren Buffet's letter to shareholders for 2007.

Here are some other older links that may be useful as time progresses:


I doubt you'll need these, they are for earlier classes but I've kept them on the server. Statistics for Managers and Ratios Handout

Below here are just ads and stuff I wanted to goof off with.

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