Ample Proof?

In the April 4, 2007, edition of The Daily News Record, Jim Battarbee argues in his editorial "There's Ample Proof of Evolution" the point of the title. Yet, his argument is flawed. He starts off arguing well and in a sound manner in writing the following:

"As you may already know, WE ARE HERE! One that wishes to refute this fact, proves it when they open the debate. HERE IS SOMEWHERE! Fast forward in class to the understanding of this axiomatic evidence of existence and consciousness."

Now, don't let Battarbee's "big vocabulary" hold weight as you see the pathetic argument he makes later:

"One - As we prove life is here, life evolved here."


He basically says since life is here, evolution occurred and uses this as an argument for "ample proof of evolution." That is CIRCULAR REASONING and he displays his lack of reasoning in his statement. That's like me saying that the ocean exists because there's an ocean. Battarbee implies strongly his atheism. Psalm 14:1 says, "The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’" Further, Battarbee cannot really hold to absolutes if there aren't any. Yet to say that there are no absolutes is fallacious as "no" is an absolute term meaning that it can't be relative. It's like saying, "All is relative," all being an absolute term meaning that it can't be relative. If "all is relative" is true, then the statement " All is relative" is also relative, which means it's false. Saying, "No absolutes" is admitting you have no syntax, reasoning, or philosophy to stand on. Battarbee might say he ascribes to the absolutes of science. But he cannot answer where the origin of Truth is. He denies God, the Ultimate Absolute Truth. Battarbee's atheism coupled with his circular argument is as valid as trying to say, "This sentence is false."


Jamie Johnson


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