ZamZar File Conversion Test Results


I tested a free file conversion resource at This site is AMAZING!!!! You can convert all sorts of file types for FREE without the need of any software. It will convert to image, document, music, and video. I was impressed with the multimedia conversions. I initially went to the site to convert from doc to html. It will make conversion from doc to html much simpler in the future (such as when we get Word documents to post online), although it will require some editing. It certainly won't require as much coding and correction as occurs with an MS-Word filtered web page. Another plus is that it e-mails you a link to download the converted file without worry of using up mail quota or having the server strip off a mail attachment. You can also convert multiple files to a common format (i.e. 4 doc files to 4 html files) and when you download, it comes as a zip file.

-Jamie Johnson