Petersburg and Ambroise

Pushkin's Apartment

Here is a picture of the statue in the courtyard of Pushkin's last apartment. I don't think the statue was there when Pushkin lived in the apartment.

The Place of Pushkin's Last Duel

This is the obelisk by the Chernaia rechka that marks where Pushkin fought his last duel. [The blur on the steps is me.]

The Guns d'Anthes Used

These are the guns that George d'Anthes borrowed from Ernest de Barante in 1837. (Note the copy of "The Station Master" to the left of the guns.)

[Extra Credit: You'll remember that it was Ernest de Barante, the son of the French Ambassador, who fought a duel with Lermontov in 1840, causing the poet to get in trouble. So, assuming that Ernest didn't have another brace, then one of these guns also fired at Lermontov.]