Phase I Plan

We proposed to take the proven ideas behind the Society for Automotive Engineering competitions and Lego leagues and develop a competition that addresses commuter transportation, a sustainability issue of local and national importance, to be designed and run by university students. We brought together a group of undergraduate majors in Engineering, Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT), Secondary Education and Mathematics or Statistics at James Madison University (JMU) to develop an annual electric-assisted bicycle competition for high school students. In the 2008-2009 academic year, the interdisciplinary team developed the competition rules, design parameters and judging criteria.

This project was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency's P3 Award: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability.

Phase II Plan

In the 2009-2010 academic year we propose to host the competition with 4-5 local (to Harrisonburg) high school teams. More details on the Phase II plan can be found here.

These projects will raise awareness and desire for an alternative commuting vehicle for high school and college students to alleviate emissions and non-renewable fuels usage, crowding, parking shortages, road maintenance etc.