COURSE: Math 337 (Section 001)--Applied Vector Calculus--Fall 1998/Pruett

OVERVIEW: Math 337 deals with the extension of differential and integral calculus to vector functions. We will first review some vector notions; namely, the dot and cross products. We then consider fields and vector functions and define several useful differentiation operations on vector functions, which leads to the gradient, divergence, and curl operators. Similarly, the generalization of integral calculus to vector functions leads to the concept of a line integral and to the powerful theorems of Green, Gauss, and Stokes, which have widespread applications. En route, we will consider generalized coordinate transformations, and we will investigate some specific applications of vector calculus to electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and potential theory. Time permitting, we will round out the semester with some topics from ODEs: series solutions and Laplace transforms.

PREREQUISITES: Calculus 237 and 300 or 301.

TIME: 1115-1205 MWF


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dave Pruett Burruss 018 568-6227

TEXTS: REQUIRED: Advanced Engineering Mathematics (7th Ed.) by Erwin Kreyszig (~$90), Wiley, 1993. OPTIONAL: Div, Grad, Curl and All That (2nd. Ed.) by H. M. Schey, Norton, 1992 (~$15)

TECHNOLOGY: Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the availability within the Mathematics Department of mathematical software such as Maple, Mathematica, and/or Matlab.

GRADING: 20%--Homework, weekly; 20%--Test I, ~07 Oct.; 20%--Test II, ~13 Nov.; 15%--3 Applications projects (see schedule) using technology; 25%--Final Exam, see schedule (Take home + in-class)

OUTSIDE HELP: Instructor's office hours: 1-3M, 2-3Tu, 3-4W, 1-2F, and by appointment. During regularly scheduled hours, no appointment is necessary. Outside of regular hours, the favor of an appointment is requested.

HOMEWORK: Homework sets will be sampled weekly. Selected problems from among the HW sets will be graded. The lowest HW grade will be dropped.

MAKE-UPS: No make-up tests will be given. If a test is missed, for whatever reason, the final exam will be weighted proportionately more heavily.

HONOR POLICY: JMU students are presumed to have the highest standards of integrity. To reinforce these standards, the JMU Honor code will be strictly enforced.