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Fall 2010 Colloquia

Colloquia are held on selected Mondays throughout the term from 3:45-4:45 pm in Roop 103. Refreshments will be served at 3:30, also in 103. Occasional colloquia may be held at other times and/or locations.

Home Institution
Title, with link to abstract and bio
Sept. 13
Dr. G. Edgar Parker
Some Unsettled Questions in the Theory of Polynomial Projection
Sept. 21
Sean Droms
University of Virginia
How to Build a Manifold

Sept. 27  Dr. Louis Gross
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Space and Control in Natural Systems
Oct. 4
Dr. Roger Thelwell
Ancient Greece: Odyssey of Discovery
Oct. 11 Dr. Rebecca Field
Everything is Spheres!
Oct. 18
Dr. Minah Oh
Commuting Smoothed Projectors in Weighted Spaces
Oct. 23
Ravi Ramakrishna and
Cliff Stoll
Cornell University and
Acme Klein Bottle Co.
Invited talks at the SUMS Conference
Nov. 1
Dr. Nusrat Jahan
A Modified Approach in Statistical Significance for Genome-Wide Studies
Nov. 8
Dr. David Neel
Seattle University
Borges, Novels and Maths, Oh My!
Nov. 15

Nov. 29
Dr. Gerald Buetow
BFRC Services, LLC
Real Applications of Quantitative Finance
Dec. 6

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