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About EvolutionBlog

I lived in Kansas from 2000 through 2003. During that time, two things happened that led to
the creation of EvolutionBlog.

The first was that I became inordinately interested in evolution and creationism. The issue played in to
so many of my personal interests: public science education, science and religion, and, of course, mathematics
(thanks to the frequent appearance of mathematical arguments in anti-evolution literature.) The second occurred
late one night while eating with a friend at Gumby's pizzeria in Manhattan, KS. (In Aggieville, to be more precise.)
We had been talking heatedly about politics when my friend suggested that I should start a blog.

So I did.

As originally conceived, the blog was meant to focus exclusively on issues related to evolution and creationism.
Hence the name “EvolutionBlog.” After toiling in obscurity for some time, the blog got mentioned in the book
Creationism's Trojan Horse, by Paul Gross and Barbara Forrest. Soon other blogs started linking, and my readership increased.

In 2006, Seed Magazine invited me to join their network of science bloggers, and I accepted. When the magazine
eventually ceased publication several years later, the network they had created was picked up by National Geographic.

The evolution/creation issue never seems to die, but it has largely moved to the back burner since the Dover court
decision in 2005. The court found that “Intelligent Design” (ID) theory, presented by its adherents as a legitimate
scientific enterprise, was in reality a sham. They found, quite properly in my view, that ID was just a crude attempt
to inject religion into public school science classes. Consequently, the blog has changed its focus over the years.
While I still often write about evolution and creationism, I nowadays prefer to write more broadly.

For reasons of tradition and continuity, I have not changed the name. But the subtitle now represents my interests
more broadly: Science, Religion, Math, Politics and Chess. The blog is updated frequently, but irregularly,
So go have a look, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!