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Fall 2017 Colloquia

Beginning Fall 2017, our new start time will be 3:50 PM.

Colloquia are held on selected Mondays throughout the term starting at 3:50 PM in Roop 103 (unless otherwise noted).
Talks generally last about 50 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions at the end.
Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:30 PM, also in Roop 103.

Students, faculty, staff, and the mathematical public are all cordially invited to attend.

Speakers, titles, and abstracts are updated throughout the semester as details become available.

Home Institution
Title (with link to abstract and bio)
Sep 4
Eva Strawbridge James Madison University Discrete Time Modeling of Population Level Characteristics
Sep 11
Jim Sochacki James Madison University Playing with Pendulums
Sep 18
John Webb James Madison University Can 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... Really Equal -1/12?
Sep 25
Kevin Knudson University of Florida Mountain Passes, Smooth and Discrete
Oct 2
Ashley Wheeler James Madison University Why is Pappus's Theorem Interesting in Modern Commutative Algebra?
Oct 9
Emad Abdurasul James Madison University Small Sample Confidence Bands for Kaplan-Meier Estimator
Under the Proportional Hazards Model
Oct 16
Manuel Barrantes University of Virginia
philosophy and religion
The Role of Mathematics in Scientific Explanation
Oct 23
Ermek Nurkhaidarov Penn State Mont Alto Ramsey's Theorem and Models of Peano Arithmetic
Oct 30
Michael Marion James Madison University Cooking the Books for Fun and Profit?
Nov 2
Math Ed Candidate -- Fostering Prospective Teachers' Metacognition
During Mathematical Problem-Solving
Nov 6
Math Ed Candidate -- Supporting Instructional Change in Undergraduate Mathematics
Through Faculty Collaboration
Nov 9
Math Ed Candidate -- Creating a Shareable Knowledge Base for Teaching:
Preparing and Supporting Secondary Mathematics Teachers
Nov 15
Beth Burroughs Montana State University
visiting scholar
Mathematical Modeling with Elementary School-Aged Students
Nov 16
7 PM
Miller 1101
Beth Burroughs Montana State University
visiting scholar
Cultivating Wisdom:
Why Should Students Model with Mathematics?
Nov 27
Cancelled --
Dec 4
Cancelled --

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