Click on the image to view an animation of a sound wave propagating in a heterogeneous medium.

Computer Animations
This page contains computer generated animations of physical or natural phenomena. The animations were made by undergraduate students of Dr. James Sochacki of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at James Madison University. To view the animation click on the link describing the animation. (You may want to use Quick Time to view the animations.)

What Moves You: Using Legs for Vehicular Transportation (Jonathan Graf and Olga Stulov REU Students)

Exploring Chaos in the Double Pendulum    (By JMU Mathematics Major Nicholas Giffen and UMW Mathematics Major Laura Marafino)

 A Vibrating Bridge Using Newton's Laws    (By JMU Mathematics Major Paul Dostert)

Moving Planets Using Newton's Laws  (By JMU Mathematics and Physics Major Justin LacyNSF Supported

A  Fluid Wave Propagating Down A Channel  (By JMU Students Jason Kerrigan and Timothy Myers) NSF Supported

An Electromagnetic Wave Motion  (By JMU Computer Science Major James Money)  

The Motion of the Planets  (By RPI Engineering Major Garrett Allen)