Preliminary Reports

As a group you will be submitting two reports. The first is the Preliminary Report (see Syllabus for due date). The purpose of the Preliminary Report is to help you organize the background research (including looking up or collecting data), your mathematical thoughts on the topic, and your list of resources so far.

The Prelininary Report should be 2-4 pages in length (not including the references), and should be clear, concise, and useful. If you just regurgitate your thoughts onto a page, I will be very disappointed in you.

This Prelimiary Report must contain the following sections:

This should be 100-200 words stating the purpose of your project, the importance, and the results you hope to show.

Problem Statement
State the problem you wish to solve. No, this is NOT a regurgitation of the project options. Restate, in your own words, what question is asked, why it is asked, and why it is important. If at all possible, include a picture or diagram of what you wish to accoplish or address. All pictures or diagrams must be discussed in the text.

Model Design
Describe the mathematics, physics, implementation, etc. of your model. Include a picture or diagram if appropriate but are not a resatement of the prolem statement. Don't just include any picture though, it must be relevant to the model and spend some time discussing it.

YOU MUST INCLUDE REFERENCES. Even if you are citing websites, you must cite!!! You may use any accepted style (e.g.