Exercise Technique






Purpose: Develop muscles of the neck and condition these muscles for the rigors of sports.


Equipment Set-up: Using an elastic band of adequate resistance to challenge you through a full range of motion, attach one end of the band to a power rack or some piece of equipment that won't give from the pull of the band.  Position your seat or bench in-line with the band so you have a direct straight line of pull while performing the exercises.  Wrap a towel around the band at the point where the band will make contact with your facial area.


Starting Position: Watch the video below for all the exercise descriptions.


Procedure: Elastic resistance takes practice to learn how to position your body so the resistance of the band doesn't become too great at the end of your range of motion where the band has the greatest stretch on it.  Start on the light side and slowly increase the distance you stretch the band until it reaches a smooth steady repetition utilizing a full range of motion.



Key Points and Caution: This is not a tug-o-war battle, position your body so that you have a smooth steady resistance through a full range of motion.  If done right it should feel like you're on a machine, smooth and not ratchety.  Because elastic resistance has a lively snap back to it, as you become fatigued pay close attention to proper technique and if needed move back toward the anchor point to relieve the tension on the band.



Produced by Master Strength & Conditioning Coach, Greg Werner from James Madison University

Athlete in the video is Strength & Conditioning Assistant, Phillip Brown