Exercise Technique







Purpose: Develop the Sternocleidomastoid muscles of the neck and supportive muscles of the central core region.

Secondary Purpose: Stress the entire ground-based anterior leaning postural muscles through a synergistic summation of forces to provide stabilization while holding the isometric action.

Equipment Set-up:

  • Make sure the floor is clean and dry.  Do not allow any workout sheets, towels, drinks, or anything besides the bench and the athlete on the lifting area.

  • The lifting area needs to be off limits to any traffic and free of anyone except the athlete performing the exercise.

Starting Position:



CSCCa Isometric Neck Flexion Hold from Greg Werner on Vimeo.



Key Points:




Produced by Master Strength & Conditioning Coach, Greg Werner from James Madison University

Athlete in the video is Strength & Conditioning Assistant, Phillip Brown