Exercise Technique







Purpose: Develop muscles of the neck and condition these muscles for the rigors of sports.


Equipment Set-up: The only equipment used is a bench to sit and lay on, and a towel.  Either yourself or your partner's resistance is the load for each rep.


Starting Position:  Watch the videos below for exercise descriptions.


Procedure: Self and Partner Manual resistance takes practice to learn the technique as the one applying resistance, as well as the one performing the resistance exercise.  Start on the light side and slowly increase the tension until it reaches a smooth steady repetition utilizing a full range of motion.




CSCCa Partner Manual Neck Series from Greg Werner on Vimeo.



Key Points: This is not a man-on-man battle, have your partner give a smooth steady resistance through a full range of motion.  If done right it should feel like you're on a machine, smooth and not ratchety.



Produced by Master Strength & Conditioning Coach, Greg Werner from James Madison University

Athlete in the self resisted manual neck work video is Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach, Phillip Brown.

Athletes in the partner manual neck work video are Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coaches Nicholas Gounaris and Quintrel Lenore.