SQUAT [Barbell Back Squat]


  Primary Purpose: Develop muscles of the hips, legs and back.

  Secondary Purpose: Stress the entire neuromuscular system through a synergistic summation

   of forces (multi-joint total body lift).


 Equipment Set-up:

  1. Position the bar in the rack at mid to upper chest height before putting any weight on.

  2. Position the rack's safety bars at a height 2-4 inches below your hip (test this with an empty bar and make sure you are close but not hitting the racks when in your lowest squat position).

  3. Load the bar evenly with your starting weight and put on bar collars.

 Starting Position:

  1. Place the bar across your upper back making contact with both shoulders.  Avoid placing the bar too high on your back. It should never rest on your neck.

  2. Make sure you get your feet and hips under the bar when taking it out of the rack.  Stand it up and then take one step back.

  3. Keep your chest high and your back arched.

  4. Place your feet just wider than shoulder width with your toes slightly pointed out and the weight distributed evenly across your entire foot, forefoot and heels. (avoid raising up on your forefoot, always keep your heels in contact with the floor)


  1. Just before you begin a rep Inhale deeply pulling air in to your abdominal area. (This breath is important to create intra-abdominal pressure which gives you a more stable core)

  2. Slowly descend by pushing your hips back and flexing at your hip and knee joints (this movement is the same as sitting back into a chair).

  3. Go down until: a) on light sets - your hamstrings touch your calves, b) on heavy sets - your thighs are parallel to the ground, c) on supra-maximal sets - your hamstrings are at or near parallel.

  4. In the ascent, make sure you drive your shoulders back and keep your back as straight as possible.  If the weight is forcing you to lean over excessively lighten up the weight.  Never sacrifice proper technique for lifting a heavier weight.

  5. Hold your breath and keep a tight intra-abdominal pressure until you ascend through the sticking point, exhaling as you complete the rep.

 Key Points:

  1. Keep your head and chest up at all times and focus your eyes straight ahead or slightly upward.

  2. Maintain a tight arch in your back throughout the lift.

  3. Keep the weight distributed across your feet and push through your heels. Don't get up on your toes.







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