We, the staff of the James Madison University Intercollegiate Athletics Strength & Conditioning Program, will succeed in our professional aspirations by concentrating our activities around the following values:

Performance: We are performance driven. We continuously aim to improve performance, ours and the athletes' and coaches' we serve, in all that we do.

Support: We are a support service for the coaches and athletes we work with. We are support-oriented. We strive to provide services of superior value to exceed the support expectations of our coaches and athletes.

Innovation: We constantly strive to be creative and innovative in all our endeavors. All staff are encouraged to bring forth new and better ideas for improving performance, whatever their responsibilities.

Partners: We are all partners, working together in the pursuit of the Strength & Conditioning mission and strategy. We strongly value teamwork and we want every staff member to be motivated to succeed.

Integrity: We believe integrity underscores everything that we do and that every activity must be able to pass the test of public and internal scrutiny at all times.  Our program demands openness and honesty throughout its operations to engender trust and integrity.

Brand: We understand that being a part of the James Madison University Intercollegiate Strength & Conditioning staff makes us an integral part of a greater whole. James Madison University, the Athletic Program and the Strength & Conditioning program are all recognized as innovative leaders in their respective National circles of influence, and as such possess a reputable brand image. We understand that both in our professional and private lives we represent our brand, and commit to uphold and protect this image by following the above mentioned values.