JMU Athletics Internships & Practicum Opportunities


Mission Statement

We guide and support the James Madison University Student-Athletes in their quest for excellence - academically, athletically and socially.  Above all else, we exist to prepare our Student-Athletes for productive and meaningful lives.

Spring: October 15
Summer: February 15
Fall: March 15 

As a practicum or internship student with the JMU Strength & Conditioning Department, you will be given the opportunity to apply your classroom learning to practical experiences within intercollegiate athletics in order to build a more rewarding educational experience at JMU.  JMU Strength & Conditioning relies heavily on the participation of interns and practicum students, so you can expect to gain valuable insight on the day-to-day responsibilities of supervisors and their offices.  These opportunities are intended to enhance your experience and knowledge of the intercollegiate strength & conditioning profession.  All practicum and internship positions are non-paid.

To ensure that your application is accepted and/or considered, please follow the steps outlined below. Note: some area supervisors request additional documentation. The deadlines listed above have been set by the Athletics Department.  You should refer to your academic advisor for date requirements for your practicum or internship.

Step 1: Review your practicum or internship requirements for your major.

Step 2: Use the links below to view descriptions and identify which positions align with your personal goals and interests.      

Step 3: Download the application - located at the top of this webpage - and complete.  

Step 4: Submit a cover letter, resume, completed application, and any other supporting documents to the contact listed prior to the deadline.  CC all e-mails containing these documents to Greg Werner at

We are looking for prospective student interns and practicum students who are interested in learning more about collegiate strength and conditioning and pursuing a career in this field.  We offer a comprehensive and detailed semester-long program that focuses on preparing our students for graduate assistantships, full-time employment opportunities and volunteer positions at other strength and conditioning programs and organizations.  Our extensive program includes learning and practicing the key elements in strength and conditioning: proper lifting technique, spotting technique, program design, periodization, speed and agility training, sports nutrition, etc.  Students will have opportunities to earn academic credit, develop management skills, motivational tactics, and strengthen their coaching abilities while gaining valuable experience in an exciting environment.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity with JMU Strength and Conditioning please take the necessary steps to apply.  You must complete the following paperwork and submit the requested materials before we can consider you for an internship or a practicum.

Download the Application

     Pick One of the Following:

Exercise Science Majors

Practicum (KIN 471) – 90 hours over the course of the academic term enrolled

Internship (KIN 481) – 8 credits = 320 hours over a minimum of 8 weeks (40 hours per week)

Sport & Recreation Majors

Practicum (KIN 472) – 90 hours over the course of the academic term enrolled

Internship (KIN 482) – 480 hours over a minimum of 12 weeks (40 hours per week)

     Fill out the application

     Submit your application, a cover letter, and your resume to Greg Werner at


Deadlines for Applications, Cover Letters, and Resumes

JMU Sport & Recreation Management Majors                                       JMU Exercise Science Majors

Spring – October 15                                                                              Spring – December 1

Summer – February 15                                                                          Summer – May 1

Fall – March 15                                                                                    Fall – May 1


Non-JMU Students

Spring – December 1

Summer – May 1

Fall – May 1