Memorial Hall - Claude E. Warren Fieldhouse, Weight-Room

4 - Custom Designed ProMaxima Dual Racks (8 lifting stations) with complete bar storage, bumper plate and grip plate storage, bands storage, chains storage, collars storage, ab straps, multiple chin-up hands and swivel sliding chin-up handles, landmine bar holders, locking safety bars, locking dip handles, and locking bar holders, resistance bands and assistance bands anchors, and custom powder coated epoxy sun gold and black paint

8 - Raptor Custom 0-90 Adjustable Benches

4 - Raptor Lat Pulldown and Seated Row combo machines with multiple handles

2 - Raptor Custom Leg Presses with both unilateral and bilateral action

2 - Dynabody Power Squat and Calf machines with added plate storage and Press Handles

2 - Raptor Custom Designed Glute-Ham (Hamster) Machines with Reverse Hyper band attachments

8 - Promaxima Custom Designed Heavy-Duty Squat & Step-up Stools

2 - UCS Custom Plyo-Safe Box sets (6",12",18",24" boxes per set)

3 - ProMaxima Custom Designed DynaMax Medicine Ball Racks

2 - Raptor Dual Stack adjustable Pulley Functional Trainers with Multiple Chin-up Handles and Cable Handles

3 - DynaMax Medicine Ball Sets with Custom Colors (10,12,14 and 16 lbs balls per set)

4 - 46" HD 1080p LCD TVs mounted on walls to display athlete workouts and instructional videos (connected to Dell system, DVD player and Internet)

8 - Gold Power Flex Olympic Barbells with Needle Bearings

8 - Dual Grip Hex Deadlift Bars

8 - Sets of Solid Rubber Bumper Plates (4-10's, 2-25's, and 4-45's per set)

8 - Power Block Club Pro Dumbbells sets with racks (5-90lbs in 5lbs increments per set).

4 - Bose 301 Loudspeakers with a Sony receiver/amp with iPod dock

1 - Dell computer system with Gyration Air Mouse and wireless keyboard for use around the room

An assortment of Plyo Hurdles, Cones, Handles, Bands, Jump Ropes, Sleds, Harnesses, Bungies, Storage Racks, Grippers, Curl Bars, 15 and 30 lb Barbells


The base floor is a 3/8" thick rubber Everlast Sport Floor, Black and 25% Purple

The lifting platforms are a 1/2" thick rubber Kodiak Sport Floor with custom Black and 25% Gold and 25% Purple (total thickness of lifting area is 1")


to be continued...


Teams using this facility: Baseball, Softball, Women's Soccer, and Volleyball (and Men's and Women's Basketball when they need to use the adjacent Basketball Court)


Cardio Room