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Alternating Step-up Jumps



Technique Keys



  • Use a bench or box that places your knee at approximately a 90 degree angle.

  • First do a couple step-ups without the jump to warm-up and make sure bench is okay.


  • This is a dynamic effort movement, execute each rep with maximum speed and power.

  • As you step-up and your back foot leaves the floor accelerate vertically and fully extend.

  • Drive your foot down into the bench and fully triple extend your hip, knee and ankle joints.

  • Push off and get airborne, taking up as much hang-time as possible.

  • While in the air switch your feet so that you land with the opposite foot on the bench.

  • Land, bend your knees to decelerate, and then as fast as possible accelerate back up.

  • Make sure to swing your arms explosively to give you more lift.

Athletes in the video: Jenn Brown (JMU Women's Basketball) and Coach Tierre Jones