Pre-class information about Laura's Games/Puzzles Math 103 classes

Is this the class for me?

Every faculty member in the math department teaches Math 103 differently, covering different topics and using different materials. The Math 103 class that you are currently enrolled for will be focused on discovering theorems concerning games and puzzles. You may or may not be interested in this topic. That is one reason why I have directed you to this web page - if you do not think this is the class for you, then you should consider switching now to one of the many other sections of Math 103 that are being offered this fall. Other sections of Math 103 will cover different material, and may be more suitable for you. Any necessary overrides can be obtained from Brenda Wilkinson.

You will probably like this class if:

You will probably NOT like this class if:

Believe it or not, there is a lot of mathematics that can be investigated through games and puzzles. For example, consider these historical examples of the mathematics of games, and this very famous mathematician who has studied games and puzzles extensively.

On the first day of class we will be actively using the card game SET, available from the JMU bookstore and a required material for this class. Please purchase this card game before the first day of class. And feel free to play it before you come to class, if you like! (There will be one other item to buy for this class, in October.)

I look forward to meeting you on Monday, if you decide that this class is for you.


P.S. I will be handing out the class policy sheet during class, but you can see it and other information right now if you like, at the class website.