Anthony Tongen

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, James Madison University

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Welcome to my webpage!  Please email me at MyLastName + (replace MyLastName + with my last name) if you have any questions.

I was recently appointed as the co-director of JMU's Center for STEM Education and Outreach.

You can find my Fall 2015 schedule here.

Recent publication: R.E. Wunderlich, A. Tongen, J. Gardiner, C.E. Miller, and D. Schmitt.  Dynamics of Locomotor Transitions from Arboreal to Terrestrial Substrates in Verreaux's Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi). Integrative and Comparative Biology, 54(6): 1148-1158, 2014 (link).

You can find information about the M-cubed program here.

A Curriculum Vitae (last updated on 11/1/14) can be found here.