Anthony Tongen

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, James Madison University

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Welcome to my webpage!  Please email me at MyLastName + (replace MyLastName + with my last name) if you have any questions.

I was recently appointed as a Faculty Associate in the Scholarship Area at the Center for Faculty Innovation at JMU.

I am a co-director of JMU's Center for STEM Education and Outreach.

Recent publications:  E. Hunt and A. Tongen. A periodic matrix population model for monarch butterflies. Natural Resource Modeling, e12123, 2017. (link)

R.A. Saenz, N. di Clemente, A. Tongen, and J.E. Rabinovich. Critical threshold meal size and molt initiation in Rhodnius prolixus. Physiological Entomology, 2017. (link)

P. Ludwig, A. Tongen, and D.B. Walton.  Two project based strategies in an interdisciplinary mathematical modeling in biology course. PRIMUS, 2017 (link).

You can find information about the M-cubed program here.

A Curriculum Vitae (last updated on 11/1/14) can be found here.