History 46H Map Exam

Locate these places and features on your map (download from this website), using atlases in UNC libraries, the map on p. 22 of Chasteen's Born in Blood and Fire, and the maps made available in class prior to the exam. The map exam at the beginning of class on Thursday, January 31 will ask you to identify 7-8 places from this list by name (providing both city and country names) and to draw in two or three physical features. Be sure that you can correctly spell their names.

Selected cities (and countries where they're located):
Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Havana (Cuba)
Mexico City (Mexico)
Guatemala City (Guatemala)
San Salvador (El Salvador)
Tegucigalpa (Honduras)
Managua (Nicaragua)
San José (Costa Rica)
Panama City (Panama)
Bogotá (Colombia)
Cartagena (Colombia)
Caracas (Venezuela)
Quito (Ecuador)
Lima (Peru)
Cuzco (Peru)
La Paz (Bolivia)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Santiago (Chile)
Montevideo (Uruguay)
Asunción (Paraguay)
Salvador (a.k.a. Bahia) (Brazil)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Selected physical features:
Sierra Madre mountains (Mexico: 3 chains, Occidental, Oriental, Southern highlands)
Yucatan peninsula (Mexico)
Magdalena River (Colombia)
Orinoco River (Venezuela)
Andes mountains
Amazon River (Peru and Brazil)
Lake Titicaca (Peru and Bolivia)
La Plata River [Rio de la Plata] (Argentina)
Pampas (Argentina)

click on the image below to download a printable version. you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.