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This photo of the Abu Ghnaim mountain, located less than two kilometers north of the city of Bethlehem, was taken in March 1997.  The mountain historically has been privately owned by Palestinians but was recently "expropriated" by the Israeli government, which plans a settlement there with at least 6,500 housing units.  The new settlement is expected to accommodate thirty to forty thousands Jewish settlers.  This is a photo of the same mountain several months later, after the beginning of the Israeli government's construction  plans:

Welcome to the Internet Assignment on the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  The goal of this assignment is to examine the dispute over land and continued Jewish settlement in majority Arab areas of Israel/Palestine from different perspectives.  Review your notes on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, follow the steps described below, and answer the question at the bottom.


QUESTION:  Assess the different arguments involved in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  Which arguments do you find more persuasive and why?  Answer in 250-500 words and send your response to your discussion leader.  (Note:  you have to exit the web page and enter isis or siren to send your e-mail response to this question).

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