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                                                                                   This is the main street of the Albanian capital, Tirana, in the 1970s, during the communist period and the rule of dictator Enver Hoxha.  High-rise housing projects typical of communist countries line both sides of the street.  The city's main central square is in the lower part of the picture, and the Albanian legislature is on the left just up from there.  This is generally acknowledged as the city's main thoroughfare and busiest street.  Note, however, that there are very, very few cars, and that a number of people are actually walking in the middle of the street.  This is because private ownership of cars was not allowed in Albania during communist rule, 1944-1991.  Only state-owned cars occasionally dotted the streets of Tirana.  While inconvenient for those without access to cars, there is always a trade off, and Tirana no doubt had the cleanest air quality of any European city during this lengthy period (and no traffic jams either)!