Theme Four:  Critiques and Colonial Power
September 20, 22

 A. Demographic Collapse: 
  1. Disease 
  2. Labor:  An Introduction 
 B. Missionary Activity 
  1.  The Great Debate 
  2. Early Resistance:  The Andes as Example 
   a. Taqui Onqoy 
   b. Witches in the Puna
C. The Construction of Colonial Power
  1. Systems of Controling Colonists
  2. Systems of Controling Indigenous Peoples

las casas.jpg (32850 bytes)
Father Bartolome de las Casas

Key Terms:
New Laws 
Bartolomé de las Casas 
Juan Gines de Sepúlveda 
Taqui Onqoy 

Reading Assignment:

Bartolomé de las Casas A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (finish reading)
B & J CLA, pp. 83-108
Catalina de Erauso Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World (begin reading)

Optional Additional Readings:

Linda Newsome, "Indian Population Patterns in Colonial Spanish America,” Latin American  Research Review (1985), pp. 41-68

Silverblatt, Chapters IX and X  "Cultural Defiance" and “Women of the Puna” in Moon, Sun and  Witches. pp. 159-171.

Father Pablo Joseph de Arriaga, Chapter 8, "What the Indians Worship Today," pp. 23-32
 and Chapter 8 "Other Causes of the Idolatry," pp. 67-74 from The Extipration of Idolatry in  Peru.

Questions for Consideration:

wpe25.jpg (6891 bytes)1.  What determined why some groups of indigenous people survived and others died during the epidemics of colonialism?  How would you explain demographic trends in the New World along the lines of a hegemony/ resistance model?  Think in terms of whether the settlement of Spanish populations was necessary for colonialism to have an impact on native populations in a region.

2. Discuss the degree to which elements of Spanish Catholicism were present in the Taqui Onkoy Movement, among the "witches"of the Andes.  What did this mean for the nature and success of “resistance” to colonial cultural hegemony in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?  Do you see any evidence that Andean religion had changed Catholicism or had an impact on Spanish priests?

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