Optional Additional Readings:

Ross Hassig, ""The Economic Reorganization of Central Mexico" in Trade, Tribute and  Transportation

Nancy Farriss, "Indian Reactions and Spanish Modifications" in Maya Society under Spanish  Rule  (1987)  pp. 57-86

R. Douglas Cope, Chapter Six "The Riot of 1692" in The Limits of Racial Domination (1993) pp.125-160.


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Click Here to Zoom in on Map of Colonial Trade

Questions for Consideration:

1. What were the economic factors that inspired the Riot of 1692?  What do the economic conditions in Mexico City tell us about the degree of control Spain had over the colonial economy?

2.  Compare colonial economic control in the Yucatán with that of Mexico City and rural central Mexico. Was there a difference in how strong colonial economic control was depending on where one lived in Mexico?

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