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JMU Department of Mathematics
JMU Pure Math Group

Faculty with fields of expertise in pure mathematics
updated 4 January 2008

A bunch of pure mathematicians

Front row: Fitzgerald, Peterson, Martin, Hanson. Back row: Kohn, Rosehhouse, Taalman, Brown, Droms, Van Wyk, Marafino, Klippert, Parker. (Click for larger image.)

Elizabeth Arnold Groebner Bases, Computer Algebra
Elizabeth Brown Set Theory
David C. Carothers Functional Analysis
Carl G. Droms Combinatorial Group Theory
Jeannie W. Fitzgerald Coding Theory, Algebraic Geometry
J. Robert Hanson Algebra
John C. Klippert Analysis
Peter D. Kohn Low Dimensional Topology, Knot Theory
James H. Liu Differential Equations
Carter G. Lyons Algebra
John T. Marafino Complex Analysis
Jason Worth Martin Algebraic Number Theory
G. Edgar Parker Differential Equations
Gary L. Peterson Algebra
Jason Rosenhouse Algebraic Graph Theory, Number Theory
Laura Taalman Singular Algebraic Geometry
Leonard VanWyk Geometric Group Theory

For the serious student

For those considering graduate school, aside from taking as much mathematics as possible, you might want to apply to a Research Experiences for Undergraduates program or for the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program.

Other links

Both the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America have extensive web pages, as does the Math Archives. There are also quite a few mathematical links listed through the JMU Library. For general articles about academia, try the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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