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You can download a PDF copy of the book with the links below. There are differently formatted options, depending on how you intend to use the PDF.

In order to keep track of changes during the semester, the following list describes the changes that have taken place in the text since August 2016.

  • Example 2.4.3 includes finding a derivative using technology. The wording originally used the word “integral” (copy/paste error).
  • Continuity of Functions (Section 5.4) was edited to remove redundant information about interval notation.
  • The Derivative (Section 5.3) had another example added that involved using conjugates for square roots (Example 5.3.4).
  • Correction to example of \(L(b)\) in Section 5.9, Exponential Derivatives. Used to say \(2^x\) in every formula.
  • Added Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions as Section 5.10, and renumbering Implicit Differentiation as Section 5.11.