Elizabeth Theta Brown

Associate Professor

General Education Co-ordinator, Cluster Three

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

James Madison University


SUMS: Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference September 21 2019

EXCELLENT PAPERS (and a novel):

You and Your Research, by R. Hamming (for present and future mathematicians)

Shakespeare in the Bush, by L. Bohannan (for everyone)

Crackpot Index, by J. Baez, (for everyone)

How to write consistently boring scientific literature, by K. Sand-Jensen (for everyone who write or reads scientific literature)

Microcosmographia Academica, by H. M. Cornford (all faculty)

Dead Grandmother Syndrome, by M. Adams (all faculty)

The Mind-Body Problem, novel, by R. Goldstein, (hilarious and wincingly accurate portrayal of haute academe in the philosophy-mathematics badlands)


Being a Professional Mathematician

American Mathematical Society

Biography of Alan Turing

For the interested, here is a translation of an earlier version of this web site into Finnish, by Michael Sirola (I don't speak Finnish, so I am trusting him about the content):


RIP best friends: Atrix and Beauregard