Access server from off-campus

The  server is used to submit and grade programming assignments, labs and homework in the CS department.   It is fully accessible normally from on-campus JMU network(JMU Labs and buildings).  To access it from off-campus you must login using the SSLVPN.


Connecting to / installing SSLVPN instructions are found here 

You may connect in two ways:

  1. Download a client then connect to the VPN using your JMU eID and password and a DUO authentication key as the Secondary password
  2. Connect using a web browser: 
    1. Open a web browser to
    2. Enter your JMU eID and password in the appropriate fields(see first image below)
    3. In the "Secondary password from Duo" field, do one of the following:
      • Type push to receive a push notification
      • Type sms1 to receive a set of passcodes via SMS
      • Enter the passcode generated by the Duo Mobile app
      • Touch your Yubikey token
    4. Click the "Sign In" button
    5. If you receive an Internet Security box from Juniper Networks, click "Allow"
    6. in the upper right hand field type in the autolab url (second image below)
  • Duo Auth

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