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nat'l fruit plant The W233AA translator serves the Winchester area from a site located just behind the National Fruits Products Co. (White House) plant on Fairmont Avenue. The tower is actually on White House property and is not to be confused with the neighboring towers to the west.

view from above The tower site is on a hill near Fort Milroy. The site may have been used as a lookout during the War between the States. This photo shows the White House plant from the tower site.

WAZT building We share the site with WAZT television. Here is a view of the transmitter building and the tower.

tower From this tower we cover most of Winchester, bounded on the west by Rt 37 and the east by Opequon Creek with only 17 watts out of our transmitter. Much of Winchester proper is shadowed by terrain and cannot receive our 90.7 signal clearly.

yagi antennas To gain a good signal to retransmit, we use a 9 element yagi antenna. The enlargement also shows our two crossed yagi antennas, which generate a special fill-in pattern.

equipment rack There's not much to a translator. Here is the entire station in a rack.

All Photographs Copyright 1998 W. D. Fawcett

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