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WMRY serves the Charlottesville area from a tower on Castle Rock Mountain near Batesville, VA. We share the tower with U.S. Cellular.

Another view of the tower. The WMRY antenna looks like a black X. This "rototiller" design antenna is made by Electronics Research (ERI).

This is a high-elevation site. The views are fantastic. Here we are looking to the south at a cellular and communications site on Heard Mountain.

Here's a view of the site, as seen from the overlook on Afton Mountain. The actual tower is near the peak of the mountain in the center of the photo.

The plain of the Piedmont; looking North towards Crozet and Earleysville.

And here is the view. I believe this is looking North-West towards Jarman Gap andthe Blue Ridge Mountains. As is to be expected, the view is hazy. See, the Ridge really is Blue!

The transmitter site showing the Larger U.S. Cellular building and our shack fondly known as "The Hovel".

A Closer view, showing the Harris Quest transmitter and a BEXT relay receiver inside. Not much to write home about; at least it is clean inside and air-conditioned. The biggest danger is working inside and being oblivious to an approaching blizzard.

WMRY ICE STORM PIX Speaking of winter storms, be sure to take a look at our photo tour of the February 1998 Ice Storm which devastated this site.

All Photographs Copyright 1997, 1998 W. D. Fawcett

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