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Basic UNIX Commands

educ.jmu.edu web publishing and program development Linux/Unix server

(Host 'educ.jmu.edu')

Educ.jmu.edu is a webserver for JMU faculty/staff/student individual content and general faculty/classroom Unix/Linux development use. The 'Educ' name is pronounced as in Educ-ation, in other words E-Duke-ation or E-Duke.

This server is not the home for general JMU information, which can be found at: http://www.jmu.edu/.

Proper Usage of this Server

Educ.jmu.edu is shared by faculty, students, and staff, for the purpose of personal webpages in their http://educ.jmu.edu/~userid/ URL, as well as a basic Unix/Linux command primer for general classroom use. Users agree to work within the confines of their /home1/eid/ and /home1/eid/WWW/ directories, and avoid executing programs and scripts or installing packages which can adversely affect the server, or make changes to the server in part or whole. As with all Unix/Linux systems, proper security measures are enforced, however all users agree to be good benefactors of this resource. Educ.jmu.edu is not a tear-down brick-and-morter server for lab use. Users agree not to use this server for file storage, nor as an video/audio server.

Connecting to the Server

For security reasons, this server no longer supports FTP clients. Rather you must use an SSH/SCP/SFTP client. Windows users can download WinSCP from the JMU Computing Software Downloads page. When connecting to the server with the SSH/SCP client, you will use your JMU e-id and password for authentication. You must have an active JMU e-id and password in order to publish to educ.jmu.edu

If you have a valid JMU e-id and password, and need access to educ.jmu.edu, fill out the Educ Account Application.

To view pages for a specific user, simply go to: http://educ.jmu.edu/~userid/ where userid is the JMU e-id of the particular user's webpage you are looking for.

See the Server Guide and 'Publishing a web page for more info.

Basic HTML for publishing

Software for Programming on the Server for the Classroom/Lab

  • gcc compiler
  • java
  • perl
  • python

  • NOTE: For security reasons, neither dynamic web programming nor PHP is not offered on this server.

Linux Online Resources for the Classroom/Lab

             Email JMU-LinuxProject-L @ listserv.jmu.edu with questions.

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