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  Publications (Some that are vaguely available)  
White Opinion Clusters

"Symbolic Boundaries," Ch. 25 in The Sage Handbook of Cultural Sociology, edited by David Inglis and Anna-Mari Almila. London: Sage. forthcoming in 2016.

"Own It! Constructions of Masculinity and Heterosexuality on Reality Makeover Television." Cultural Sociology. 8(3):258-274. with Alexander K. Davis and Laura E. Rogers. 2014.

"Conquering Stereotypes in Research on Race and Gender." Sociological Forum 25(1):161-166. with Alexander K. Davis. 2010.

Making Multiculturalism: Boundaries and Meaning in US English Departments. Stanford University Press. 2005. (Ch. 1 is under the excerpts tab.)

Working Definitions: Educational Organization and the Meaning of Multiculturalism." International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. 22(1):175-207. 2002.

"What About the Univores?: Musical Dislikes and Group Based Identity Construction Among Americans with Low Levels of Education." Poetics. 25(2-3):141-156. 1997.

"Have Americans' Social Attitudes Become More Polarized?" American Journal of Sociology. with Paul DiMaggio and John Evans. 1996.

" 'Anything but Heavy Metal': Symbolic Exclusion and Musical Dislikes." American Sociological Review. 1996.

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Feb. 7, 2017 - Assessment Day
Feb. 3, 2017 - Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship Deadline
Feb. 10, 2017 - Soc-Anth Foundation Award Deadline
Feb. 27, 2017 - CAL MadRush Deadline
Feb. 27, 2017 - ALUMNI PANEL! 5:30pm SSC 1075
Mar. 1, 2017 - AKD Competition Deadline
Approx. Mar. 18 - Carl Harter & Cecil Bradfeild (Soc-Anth) Deadlines
Mar. 17, 2017 - Deadline for Dept. Symposium
Mar. 18, 2017 - CAL MadRush Conference
April 17, 2017 - Soc-Anth Symposium
Make sure you have a polished writing sample for employers and/or graduate schools. Use classes, conferences and competitions to get up to speed and build your resume.
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Sociological Inquiry: AKD Journal of the Soc Honor Society
JMUR - James Madison Undergraduate Research
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Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography

JMU Awards & Conferences:

Mad Rush Late March
AKD, the US undergraduate sociology honor society has money for travel to regional conferences.
Department Awards ($500-$2,000, and always lots of honor).
Department Symposium
Carl Harter
Cecil Bradfield
Foundation Awards
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Most every national non-profit or foundation has competitive internships available on their websites, and most job databases (right), such as idealist, have an internship section. But do everything you can to build a network and use that as a resource for internships and jobs. Join professional associations, volunteer, give, and showcase your skills.

Study abroad is highly recommended if you can afford it, and if you think you can't, consider a spring break trip with scholarships. There are some trips right here in anthropology.
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GLSEN Summer (LGBT) Research Fellowship for grad stus Peace Corps
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