B. P. Bryson    
     James Madison University, sociology    

B. P. Bryson, assoc prof of sociology
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
MSC 7501, James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

brysonbp at jmu dot edu


  • Feb. 9 - Seniors take assessments.
  • Feb. 15 - Foundation Award Deadline.
  • Mar. 18 - Deadline for Dept. Symposium.

  • Publications (Some that are vaguely available)

  • forthcoming. "Symbolic Boundaries" in Sage Handbook of Cultural Sociology, edited by David Inglis and Anna-Mari Almila. London: Sage.
  • 2014. "Own It! Constructions of Masculinity and Heterosexuality on Reality Makeover Television." Cultural Sociology. 8(3):258-274. with Alexander K. Davis and Laura E. Rogers.
  • 2010. "Conquering Stereotypes in Research on Race and Gender." Sociological Forum 25(1):161-166. with Alexander K. Davis.
  • 2005. Making Multiculturalism: Boundaries and Meaning in US English Departments. Stanford University Press. 2005.
  • 2001. "Opinion Polarization." with Paul DiMaggio and John Evans, American Journal of Sociology.
  • 1999. "Multiculturalism as a Moving Moral Boundary: Literature Professors Redefine Racism." in Michele Lamont's (ed.), The Cultural Territories of Race: Black and White Boundaries. University of Chicago Press. (in "the pink book")
  • 1996." 'Anything but Heavy Metal': Symbolic Exclusion and Musical Dislikes." American Sociological Review.
  • 1996. "Have Americans' Social Attitudes Become More Polarized?" with Paul DiMaggio and John Evans. American Journal of Sociology.

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  • Mad Rush Late March
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  • Department Awards ($500-$2,000, and always lots of honor).
  • AKD, the US undergraduate sociology honor society has money for travel to regional conferences.

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  • Sociological Inquiry: AKD Journal of the Soc Honor Society
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  • Study abroad is highly recommended if you can afford it, and if you think you can't, consider a Spring Break trip with scholarships. There are some right here in anthropology.
  • Most every national non-profit or foundation has competitive internships available on their websites.
  • Most job databases (below), such as idealist, have an internship section.
  • Internships Dot Com
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