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September 10 to October 9, 2012

Dan Carlson | declassified |a collection of digital videos of uncertain importance

Informal gallery talk, open to the public, September 10th @ 4:15pm
Opening reception on September 10th @ 5pm-7pm

Reinforcing the belief that perception, at its core, it a destabilizing force, Carlson makes art an effort to capture the tension between conceptual ideals and existing realities. He creates artistic response to sites with dense cultural and political histories, most recently through exploring abandoned military bases and industrial wastelands from the mid-20th century. Investigating these residual monuments provides an outlet to decode human nature and question our understanding of phenomenological histories that ultimately affect our future.

The videos, installations, and sculptures that manifest from this questioning show a heightened attention to the materiality of high and low technology and obscure boundaries of authenticity; often addressing issues of masculinity, labor, science, and the archive while mainting a strong sense of play.

His work can be seen at www.dancarlson.org.