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Jamie's resumé
For this demo version, you can view my resume HERE.
Works of Jamie Johnson
For this demo version, you can view works of which I am the author, an author, a contributor, or developer. They are available HERE.
Get the URL for Web Issues
When a customer has difficulty with a web page (authenticating, an error, etc.), make sure you get the full URL of the web site so that we can better troubleshoot the issue.
Hardware Repair Service
When you work walk-in and are returning hardware to our customers, please give the customer the Hardware Repair Service Summary sheet so they can have a summary of the repair for their records. Don't forget to have the customer sign the Hardware Repair Service Request form for our records (signature would be our proof that they did pick up their computer) and file in folder on the To PC Services rack as you have been doing. Will there always be a Hardware Repair Service Summary sheet? Hopefully so.

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Password Reset Procedure
Please do as follows in the order below:
(Do not automatically go to the dispatch; if someone looks busy, still ask him or her for assistance before going to the next person)
  1. Have customer try Secret
    Then, check the following:
  2. Frontline employees w/ reset capability, or
  3. Team Lead (Mike Carson or
    Chris Golding), or
  4. 30-hour, or
  5. Customer Service Specialist
    (Mike Benedict).
  6. Accounts Specialist (Celia).
  7. Dispatching Analyst.
  8. Other Analysts.
  9. HelpDesk Manager (Debby).
  10. Log to Account Specialist
    in Remedy

Original Source:
N:\AF\IT\CS-Shares\Team Leaders\
Monthly Meetings\School Yr 2006-2007\
2-23-07\Meeting Notes.doc

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HelpDesk Standard Operating Procedures
Training | Tutorials
Training Material (Jamie's session): Anti-Virus/Spyware, Network, Browsers
Atomic Learning Tutorials
Windows Vista Training Content

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Pictures - JMU and Local Area
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