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A recent time ago in a galaxy not very far, far away . . .

There was a Sci-Fi nut named Jamie (Jedi name Johja Fihar, Sith name Darth Jamfi Harjja).

  At a young age in 1977, he was hooked on these guys...

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And these have remained his favorites!

"That flick is our last hope!"

"No, there is another. ..."

Actually...there are others:

"Welcome... to the Federation Starship, SS Buttcrack!"

A quote from John Crichton, the protagonist of

You may be asking,


Far What?


Learn more about

And visit these:

It's a wonderful and gripping series. Yet, my favorite Sci-Fi will always be ....

Oh...and don't forget about these guys . . .

Watch Space Balls!

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