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  • Not Even a Hint : Guarding Your Heart Against Lust by Joshua Harris (recommended by Kevin Conrow)
  • Lust can destroy our relationships and our lives. This book is for those struggling with lust or just facing temptations of lust. The author looks at how one can fight back against lust.

  • When Good Men Are Tempted by Bill Perkins (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • This book shows men how to master lust, achieve the holiness by following a plan for sexual integrity to achieve a purity in marriage, family, and revitalize their walks with God while strengthening relationships with their brothers in Christ.

  • Every Man's Battle : Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time by Stephen Arterburn,
    et. al. (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • This book confronts the enemy of every man: lust. It offers practical principles for sexual purity, which involves courage, commitment, and self-discipline.

  • Eternal Impact: Investing in the Lives of Men by Phil Downer with Chip MacGregor (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • This book discusses leaving a legacy, which is built through discipling and mentoring, helping men discover Jesus Christ's role in marriage, fathering and relationships, and then become effective in fulfilling His command to make disciples (true significance as opposed to success).

  • The Man in the Mirror: Solving the 24 Problems Men Face by Patrick Morley (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • This book discusses issues pertinent to men: identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and integrity. It then offers making a lasting change.

  • Men's Fraternity: The Quest for Authentic Manhood by Dr. Robert M. Lewis (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • In a culture that has become increasingly confusing for men, it is necessary for men to learn how to be men, to develop community with one another, and to hold one another accountable as brothers in Christ, as husbands, as sons, and as fathers.

  • The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • This book discusses the pursuit of holiness, considering the role of God's grace in this pursuit. The author discusses the discernment of grace and practicing disciplines of commitment, conviction, choices, watching, and adversity.

  • Experiencing Christ Within: Passionately Embracing God's Provisions for Supernatural Living by Dwight Edwards
    (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • The Christian life can be new every day. This book teaches how to release the spiritual resources within every believer: purity, identity, motivations, and power in Jesus Christ to fulfill the purposes to which God has called every believer.

  • The Purpose Drive Life by Rick Warren (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • God planned everything and everyone, including your divine purpose, according to His master plan. This book urges purposeful devotion to God and living the God-ordained purposes of worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism, and in doing so effectively living out God's purpose for your life.

  • Follow Me! Manual Gospel Discipleship Series by Masterworks (recommended by Alvin Chao)
  • This book discusses 15 character qualities (teachability, selflessness, trustworthiness, flexibility, intensity, accountability, humility, courage, alertness, compassion, dependency, servanthood, integrity, transparency, and contentment) Jesus focused on in dealing with His disciples, using the Gospel of Luke as a reference. The 15 character qualities discussed fall under Christian Character, Christian Maturity, and Christian Lifestyle.

  • Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul by John Eldredge (recommended by Jim Blair)
  • Men are made in the image of God and need to reexamine who God is to recover their "wild" hearts and return to authentic masculinity. The author gives women a look inside the true heart of men while inviting men to be what God designed them to be.

    Also see Wild at Heart.

  • A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D. A. Carson (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • "This book is a selective primer on biblical praying, examining the prayers of Paul. Each chapter studies a particular prayer from his letters, exploring what Paul prays for and why" (quoted from David C. Hoffner of Cedar Lake, Indiana (link).

  • Holiness by Grace by Bryan Chapell (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • A deep look at grace and how it drive holiness, which comes by the grace of God. Many Christians consider grace in salvation, but grace produces the holiness that characterizes the Christian life.

  • The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • "Using the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing his story and leads, Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to interview experts about the evidence for Christ from the fields of science, philosophy, and history" (quoted from

  • Reflecting the Character of Christ by Les Carter (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • Midwest Book Review: (quote source). "Reflecting the Character of Christ: His Kindness, His Confidence, His Grace blends the gospel stories with psychological knowledge to show how meditating on Jesus' character traits can help anyone become a better, more whole person. Dr. Les Carter shows how Christ can be the pattern for personal growth and wholeness. He explores many of the dominant personality traits found in the life of Christ (empathy, respect , confidence, truth, grace, humility) and explains how that quality can be incorporated into readers' lifestyles. Each chapter describes a scene where Jesus interacts with others, giving insight into how readers can become like Him in their day-to-day relationships."

  • War of Words by Paul David Tripp (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • "This book examines the WHY behind what you say (arguments, sarcasm, etc). Paul Tripp encourages you to really examine your heart and compare it to God's picture of what your heart should look like since everything that comes out of your mouth originates in your heart" (quote source).
    Other Amazon link: War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles (Resources for Changing Lives)

  • Uneasy Manhood: The Quest for Self-Understanding by Robert Hicks (recommended by John Kuebler)
  • No synopsis available.

  • The Green Letters by Miles J. Stanford (recommended by Jamie Johnson)
  • This book emphasizes maturing in Christian living with the theme "Not I, but Christ." It discusses the following: faith, time, acceptance, purpose, preparation, complete in Him, appropriation, identification, consecration, self, self-denial, the cross, discipleship, process of discipleship, rest, help, cultivation, and continuance.

  • Why You Can't Stay Silent by Tom Minnery
  • Should Christians withdraw from societal involvement and put their efforts solely into building up the church? Some leading evangelicals have suggested as much. Tom Minnery opposes that view. In Why You Can't Stay Silent, the author challenges Christians to engage themselves in the culture and use their God-given gifts to be positive influencers in an increasingly post-Christian world. Includes appendixes on how Christian can become involved.

  • Leading with a Limp: Turning Your Struggles into Strengths by Dan B. Allender
  • From AudioFile
    Allender, a powerful writer, has a speaking style that makes him sound loving, fatherly, and genuinely interested in helping. In a dramatic voice he says the best leaders are people who accept their imperfections and learn from their mistakes. He shares his shortcomings as a church and educational leader, as an idealist, and as a follower of Christ. Having started and managed a large educational institution, he still sounds humble and willing to learn, refreshing traits in someone with his credentials. He is a sophisticated thinker, and his distinctive and respectful way of speaking about power is captivating as he provides many insights on the human flaws of pride, arrogance, ambition, narcissism, and cowardice.
    T.W. © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine
    --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

  • Man to Man: Chuck Swindoll Selects His Most Significant Writings for Men by Dr. Charles R. Swindoll
  • "Today men hear dozens of conflicting voices telling them how to be men. They're told to go out and beat the tribal drums or become sensitive New Age followers or dig deep into their psyches to find the macho warrior within. It all sounds good on paper, but it isn't so helpful when it comes to living authentic lives. Man to Man talks about real issues, real feelings, real life — connecting with the felt needs of men right now where they live and work. This down-to-earth collection of insights from Chuck Swindoll offers practical inspiration for the working man, the single man, the husband, the father, the son — any man who wants to live well and enjoy life to the fullest."

  • David: A Man of Passion & Destiny by Dr. Charles R. Swindoll
  • In many ways he was a most extraordinary man. Yet in other ways he was a most ordinary man facing an array of trials. How did David become the national hero of God's chosen people? Why is he the one character in the Bible described as a "man after God's own heart?" David's life offers hope to all of us. It shows how devotion doesn't mean perfection-that God loves us in spite of our weaknesses, and can do extraordinary things through ordinary people. (SOURCE: see above link)

  • Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper (Available FREE online in PDF format)
  • Millions of people are wasting their lives pursuing dreams of happiness that don't rise above a good marriage, nice kids, a successful career, a nice car, fun vacations, nice friends, a fun retirement, a painless death, and (hopefully) no hell. John Piper calls this a tragedy in the making. He argues that we were created for joy. We were designed to have one passion. In this book he describes his own journey toward this great, single passion. And He pleads that at all costs we pursue our joy in the crucified Christ, who is the glory of God. The cost is great. But the joy is worth any cost. (SOURCE:

  • Called to Sexual Integrity by Gary Yagel
  • "The key to sexual integrity is not behavior modification, but heart transformation through the power of the gospel. Whether our sexuality is pure or impure is determined by the condition of our heart. These 10 studeis view our sexuality and the battle for sexual purity thorugh the lens of the cross and Christ's work in our hearts to redeem our sexuality for his glory" (from the book's introduction).

    From Every Man Ministries

    Every Man, God's Man
    by Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck

    Spiritually, men are frustrated today because they feel they are repeatedly coming up short or are in other ways unfulfilled. Like football players in the "red zone," they are struggling to complete the drive toward integrity and intimacy with God. That drive toward spiritual maturity requires both a shift of heart and a re-examination of the spiritual habits. What men lack today is, first, clear understanding of what God is really after in the relationship, and second, a clear plan connected to their goals that make sense practically and biblically. That's what makes this book special: It specifically reveals God's heart for men in the spiritual "red zone," and sets forth the choices they must make to take the relationship with God all the way. Like other books in the "Every Man" Series, Every Man, God's Man boldly gets into men's heads and gives hope. It helps them persevere in their pursuit of God. Provides new insight into God's objectives for them. And brings them to the new place God is calling them a place of completion in the faith.

    Bible Studies Below: (info:

    Being God's Man by Resisting The World by Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    You can't be absorbed or influenced by the world. You have to stand as a man of God and resist the world.

    Being God's Man by Standing Firm Under Pressure By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    What happens when your spiritual well-being is under attack? Do you stand strong in your desire to do God's will...or run for the hills? (BS109)

    Being God's Man by Walking A New Path By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    Will you discover your true reason for living, enter the battle, and become a new man in Christ? (BS111)

    Being God's Man by Claiming Your Freedom By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    What does it look like when a man lives out a truly authentic, loving walk with Jesus Christ? It looks like freedom. (BS106)

    Being God's Man by Finding Contentment by Steve Arterburn, Kenny Luck and Todd Wendorff.
    Lasting contentment comes only from a transformation of your mind, emotions, and will. It also takes a personal encounter with the God who can make you content. (BS107)

    Being God's Man By in Leading a Family By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    Where are you leading your family spiritually? More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership.

    Being God's Man By Pursuing Friendships By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    God's Word is clear about the importance of godly friendshipsand how God designs them to complete us spiritually. If you ever hope to win the battles you face in your spiritual journey, you must be connected to godly men. (BS101)

    Being God's Man by Understanding A Woman By Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    God's man must connect with God's purposes before he can truly connect with his wife (or wife-to-be). (BS110)

    Being God's Man in the Face of Temptation by Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    All men are tempted to compromise. But not all men do. Some have learned the secret of being undivided between what they believe and how they actually think and live. They possess integrity. (BS103)

    Being God's Man in the Search for Success by Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    "I've worked hard to get where I am. I've overcome great obstacles. I've earned it." No one had a greater right to say those statements more than King David. He rose from the fields of Palestine to the palace of power and privilege. He'd made it. But now that he was on top, would he continue to grow spiritually in the midst of his success? (BS104)

    Being God's Man in Tough Times by Steve Arterburn and Kenny Luck.
    Just like David, every man has a dream of who he wants to become. But getting there is a different story. Hardships and losses can destroy the faith--and even the life--of a lesser man. A 9 Week Bible Study

  • Putting Amazing Back into Grace (Who Does What In Salvation?) by Michael Horton
  • From Amazon: What does it mean to be "saved by grace"? Many believers are confused and intimidated by the doctrine of salvation, and as a result are missing out on the freedom of God's grace. Michael Horton reminds us of the Reformation's radical view of God and his saving grace, the liberating yet humbling truth that we contribute nothing to our salvation. Putting Amazing Back into Grace clearly lays out the Scriptural basis for this important doctrine and the implications of this message for a vibrant evangelical faith. Horton's accessible treatment of who does what in salvation will inspire a fresh amazement at God's grace.

  • Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall
  • From Amazon: "When everything in you wants to hold a grudge, point a finger and remember the pain, God wants you to lay it all aside. You can avoid spiritual quicksand and experience the incredible freedom found in total forgiveness. Is total forgiveness easy? Of course not...but this book will give you a game plan...and the encouragement to cast out areas of unforgiveness that have kept you from enjoying the best God has to offer you."

  • Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood by John Piper
  • From the above link: "This book will demonstrate how some views of manhood and womanhood tamper with our understanding of God’s character and why the extremes of male domination and feminism destroy the beauty of our sexual differences—differences that celebrate the excellence of men and women as God created us. "

  • True Faced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch
  • This book draws a clear distinction between two very different underlying motives: my determination to please God or to trust Him. The resulting difference from these two starting points could not be more profound. One results in a striving that never feels it has done enough to please Him. The other results in a trust that experiences His full pleasure. Our motives as followers of Christ will either keep us in unresolved sin and immaturity or free us into God's astonishing dream for our life." This book is seven chapters long and entertaining while also hard-hitting. There are a few questions at the end of each chapter.
    (Thanks to Steve Draper)
    For more information, you can also visit

  • Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
  • The sub-title is "Confronting the sins we tolerate" and I was drawn to the book because I recognize the way I compromise with what I know to be the right path. Our culture is always leaning on us to let go of the standards of character and truth. Jerry does a great job of encouraging us to see and avoid the "acceptable" sins. He does this with hope and emphasizes the mercy and transforming grace of God.
    (Thanks to Steve Draper)

  • To Be Told by Dan Allender
  • From the above link: "Would you willingly overlook clear direction from God that speaks directly to you and where you are in life right now?
    God's guidance is near at hand. He is not only your Authority, he is also your Author. As God writes the stories of your life, he uses your past to open up your future.
    It is your privilege to listen to your own story so you can live boldly for the sake of the Greatest Story, the good news of Jesus Christ. God reveals himself to you–and to others–through the story he has written in your life. In this insightful and compelling book, Dr. Dan B. Allender shows you how to read the stories of your life. He helps you understand the meaning that God has written into every detail of who you are. As a result, you can share your story with others and listen to their story, revealing unique aspects of God's hand at work.
    Starting today, you can find deeper meaning in your story–a story To Be Told. "

  • How Now Shall We Live? by Chuck Colson
  • We now live in a postmodern era where belief in God is sometimes dismissed, mentioned as just one of many ways, or labeled as ignorant. How do we engage the world with our worldview and renew the culture? Too often we go along our merry way in our relgious ways and ignore the culture. Colson states that to turn our backs on the culture "denies God's sovereignty over all of life." Christianity is more than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is also a worldview that answers life's basic questions and shows us how we should live as a result of those answers. This book equips Christians to confront false worldviews and live redemptively in contemporary culture.