Pushkin's Works

Poems in Russian

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Kavkazskii plennik
Razgovor knigoprodavca s poetom
K*** (Ia pomniu chudnoe mgnoven'e) 
Zimnee utro 
Some More Lyric Poems

Epigrams with English Translations

Pushkin's Works at Russia On-Line

Here's just a couple-- for more, go to  the Alexander Pushkin at  Russia On-Line.
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Evgenii Onegin 
Mednyi vsadnik

Poems Translated into English

Lyric Poems

 Mikhail Kneller's English Translation of Lyric Poems

 Avrahm Yarmolinsky's Translations

Eugene Onegin

 Dennis Litoshick's Translation of the first two chapters of Eugene Onegin

 Charles Johnston's Translation of Eugene Onegin

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