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Fall 2011 Colloquia

Colloquia are held on selected Mondays throughout the term from 3:45-4:45 pm in Roop 103. Refreshments will be served at 3:30, also in 103. Occasional colloquia may be held at other times and/or locations.

Home Institution
Title, with link to abstract and bio
Sept. 12
Brian Utter JMU (Dept. of Physics)
Jamming, Shaking and Mixing in a Granular "Fluid"
Sept. 19 Nagaraj Neerchal University of Maryland, Baltimore County Overdispersion Models for the Violation of Nitrate
Concentration Limits in Mid-Atlantic Region Watersheds
Sept. 26

Oct. 3 Deirdre Smeltzer
Eastern Mennonite University
Spherical Inversions and Their Applications to Geometry
Oct. 10
Stephen Lucas
So You Think You Can Divide?
Oct. 17
James Sochacki
Now That You Can Divide...
Oct. 22
Ruth Charney and
Colin Adams
Brandeis University and
Williams College
Invited Presentations at SUMS Conference
Oct. 31
Alissa Crans
Loyola Marymount University
Mathematical Disguises
Nov. 7

Nov. 14

Dec. 5

* = (tentative) 
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