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Fall 2014 Colloquia

Colloquia are held on selected Mondays throughout the term from 3:45-4:45 pm in Roop 103. Refreshments will be served at 3:30, also in 103. Occasional colloquia may be held at other times and/or locations.

Home Institution
Title (with link to abstract and bio)
Sep 1
Edwin O'Shea James Madison Divisibility Tests Unified
Sep 8
Jim Sochacki James Madison Are Fibonacci Numbers in Everything?
Sep 15
Steve Lucas James Madison Numerically Evaluating Oscillating Infinite Integrals,
and a Failed (of Course) Approach to the Riemann Hypothesis
Sep 22
Hamid Semiyari James Madison Modified Picard Iteration Applied to Boundary Value Problems
Sep 29
Carl Droms James Madison Continued Fractions
Thurs Oct 2
James Sellers Penn State Numerous Results Related to m-ary Partitions
Thurs Oct 2
Burruss 238

James Sellers Penn State Cool Results Involving Fibonacci Numbers and Compositions
Pi Mu Epsilon Colloquium
Oct 13
Hala A. H. Shehadeh James Madison Inverse Scattering, Imaging, and a Hybrid-Bremmer Series Approach
Oct 20
Daniel Mintz Pedago Mathematics for History's Sake:
A New Approach to Ptolemy's Geography
Fri Oct 31
Math Ed Candidate -- Prospective Teachers' Experiences of an Inquiry-Oriented
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Course
Thurs Nov 6
Math Ed Candidate -- Factors That Support and Constrain Mathematics Teachers Continuing
Lesson Study After Infusion of External Resources
Nov 10
Vijay Sookdeo Catholic University
of America
Integral Point in Orbit of Rational Functions
Nov 17
Elizabeth Brown James Madison Set Theory in the Real World
Wed Nov 19
Carla Martin NSA A Brief History of Cryptography and Careers at NSA
Presented by the AWM Student Chapter
Dec 1
Roger Thelwell James Madison Power Series and Nonlinear Differential Equations

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