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Fall 2015 Colloquia

Colloquia are held on selected Mondays throughout the term starting at 3:45 PM in Roop 103 (unless otherwise noted).
Talks generally last about 50 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions at the end.
Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:30 PM, also in Roop 103.

Students, faculty, staff, and the mathematical public are all cordially invited to attend.

Speakers, titles, and abstracts are updated throughout the semester as details become available.

Home Institution
Title (with link to abstract and bio)
Sep 7
Heather Russell University of Richmond Dehn Coloring and the Dimer Model for Knots
Sep 14
José Vidal Alcalá-Burgos CIMAT Mérida Affine Invariant Stochastic Optimization
Sep 21
Patrick Rault SUNY Geneseo The Numerical Range of a Matrix:
A Map from Matrices to Shapes
Sep 28
Raina Robeva Randolph-Macon
Sweet Briar College
Boolean Approximations of Differential Equations Models
in Biology that Capture Bistability
Oct 5
Cheng Ly Virginia Commonwealth Using applied Mathematics to Gain Insight
into Neural Network Dynamics
Oct 12
Kofi Adragni University of Maryland,
Baltimore County
A Sequential Test for Variable Selection
in High Dimensional Complex Data
Oct 19
Bryce Weaver James Madison Structure in Chaos
Oct 26
Celes Woodruff James Madison Efficient and Accurate Numerical Schemes for Long Time
Statistical Properties of the Infinite Prandtl
Number Model for Convections
Oct 30
3:30 PM
Memorial 6110
Edwin O'Shea James Madison The Euclidean States of America:
Geometry, Jefferson, and Lincoln
(In honor of Prof. J. Robert Hanson)
Nov 2
Klebert Feitosa James Madison
physics and astronomy
Elastic and Plastic Deformations of Soap Bubbles
Floating at an Air-Water Surface
Nov 10
Math Ed Candidate -- Exploring the Role of Mindset in Mathematics Teacher Development
Nov 12
Math Ed Candidate -- The Influence of Content and Other Contextual Factors
in Measures of Teaching Practices
Nov 16
Cancelled --
Nov 30
Ashleigh Baber James Madison
Atomic-Scale Surface Chemistry of Model Catalysts
Dec 2
Math Ed Candidate -- Gender and Doctoral Mathematics:
Impactful Factors for the Success of Female Students
Dec 7
Jonathan Gerhard
Vicky Kelley
Noah Watson
Zev Woodstock
James Madison
current students
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