The density distribution of a fluid in a tube

Compressible Computational Fluids Documents and Software Modules

This page contains documentation and software written by Dr. James Sochacki that is used in MATH 365 - Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at James Madison University. If you click on a document you will get a download for the article describing aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics. If you click on a software module you will go to a page that contains computational fluids dynamic software in that language. The documentation can be used in udergraduate computational courses. The modules are intended to be used by undergraduate students and faculty in classroom and research situations. These modules were partially supported by the NSF grant between JMU and North Carolina Central University: 'A Collaborative Computational Science Program'

Introduction to Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamics Document

Advection Diffusion Modules Descriptions Document

Burger's Modules Descriptions Document

One Dimensional Density Velocity Equations Modules Descriptions Document

One Dimensional Euler Equations Modules Descriptions Document

Fortran Software Modules

Maple Software Modules

Matlab Software Modules